Digital marketing Big small SEO Myth

1) Digital marketing is only for big companies.

Most people think that digital marketing is only meant for big companies which is a myth. Digital marketing is for any scale business. Most small business owners focus on traditional marketing like printing banners, posters, door to the door selling, signs boards and many more. It is the biggest myth regarding digital marketing.

They prefer old school traditional methods of marketing rather. But now the time has changed, business owners start understanding that having a strong online presence is very important for business growth. The number of people using various social media platforms is billions and trillions which will help your business to grow.

Just like a receptionist or a salesperson, your website is your receptionist. How many people visited your website doesn’t matter, what matters is how many people are showing interest in your website. That’s why the website should be attractive and responsive.

2) Negative comments are bad for your business

The second biggest myth regarding digital marketing is the negavtive comments/reviews regaring the company. Whether you like it or not, but you are going to receive negative comments on your social media posts. Some people react aggressively like removing their negative comments or blocking the customer and some people take this in a positive way. Either you can block the person, or you can calmly analyze what’s the reason behind the negative comments so you can improve your product or service and provide better service to your customer next time.

When a person sees your company with a 3-star or 4-star rating and having positive reviews but also having negative reviews, this leads to building the authenticity of your company because you’re not deleting the negative reviews and interacting with the customers.

Take these negative comments like the product review.  You are getting a free product review and free opinions from your customers. You can go through the negative comments and find the problem and analyze where are you lacking so you can improve your services.

3) SEO is dead.

Firstly, you need to redefine what is SEO? People still think that search engine optimization is only doing things on your site and looking at blue links on google. But in 2019 SEO is more than that it includes Rank brain, quick answers, voice search, rich snippets and so much more it’s much more than a just a blue link on google. People still not aware of new techniques in SEO that’s why they think SEO is dead.

There’s a saying that “INNOVATE OR DIE” means you must innovate new techniques in SEO strategies to keep up. SEO is not a one-time process it’s a continues process, you must do SEO to maintain ranking and other factors on your website. SEO is not dead, it’s evolving.

4) Traditional marketing is a thing of the past

There is no doubt that Digital marketing is a more efficient and effective way of marketing than traditional marketing. But what about traditional marketing? Traditional marketing includes marketing strategies like printing templates, radio, TV, direct mail and many more. According to a survey most of the marketers still believe in traditional marketing and they prefer traditional marketing over digital marketing. It is the most debatable myth regarding digital marketing.

Traditional marketing still has some advantages although it is a little bit expensive than digital marketing. Any business that wishes to grow must combine both digital marketing and traditional marketing in their strategy, this cocktail mix of traditional marketing and digital marketing makes a perfect blend which will boost up your business.

5) More traffic leads to more conversion

The main purpose of digital marketing is to bring traffic to the website but getting more traffic on the website is not important what important is getting the right targeted traffic that leads to conversion. A website is getting 2000-3000 visitors a day, but they are not the targeted audience hence the conversion is only 5-10 users; on the other hand, another website is getting 400-500 visitors a day, but they are a targeted audience and the conversion is 30-40.

That’s why research is very important, research will help you to understand and find the right audience which you want to target.

You must work smartly rather than just focusing on bringing traffic to your website, focus on quality than quantity.

6) Cross-platform is not necessary.

The more a customer engages with and interacts with a company, the more likely they are to make a purchase. By connecting with customers throughout multiple channels, a business can slowly build a relationship with the customer and improve upon the likelihood of commitment. Engaging a customer on multiple channels builds up trust and credibility, while also serving as a strong reminder to the customer that the company, its products, and its services exist.

One of the major reasons to initiate an advertising campaign is to build brand awareness. The largest companies in the world aren’t advertising to educate people about their product or to promote a sale: they’re simply trying to remind customers that they exist or educate their customers regarding their current product offerings.

By being on multiple channels, your organization expands its reach significantly and builds brand awareness even among individuals who aren’t interested in making a purchase. Eventually, this improves the reputation and awareness of your business and makes it more likely that your business will be discussed by consumers.


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